Tuesday, November 13, 2018

More On Stage fun!

I'm not done yet... there will be a few days of posting fun things from OnStage!  As I have said before, I LOVE Stampin' Up!  I love the company, people, products and creations I make using their products!

If you are looking for a positive, fun, community, this IS IT!  

OnStage included myself, our team and about 6,000 of our closest demonstrator friends from around the world :)  
Obviously, I don't know everyone, but we have certainly gotten to know small groups over the years.  I am pictured in this photo, but it's a little tricky to find me... can you find me

And we have an awesome team!  Of our team members, we had 14 of us present at OnStage in Orlando.  It was a fun trip, full of supportive people.

Stampin' Up! had their own theme song (again!) 
This was long overdue!
Better yet, the song was written by a Stampin' Up Employee!  And the band was all Stampin' Up Employees as well!

This was one of our giveaways that day.  It's a gorgeous tool kit holder!

 Our teams is full of spoilers... these were all gifties from our teammates and friends that joined us!  Sister Gifts or Pillow Gifts.  I just LOVE it!


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