Monday, October 29, 2018

Fall Fest Gifts & Lunch

Part of the fun of Fall Fest is spoiling our guests.  We love to leave little surprise and delights for them.  I shared a picture last week of their work space.  Here are a few of the fun items we made!

This treat was for all of our new attendees.

This beautiful wrapper held a jumbo marshmallow on a stick, covered with melted chocolate and fall sprinkles.  The leaves are gorgeous!!  I just love how adorable this is and I can’t make to make some for Christmas.

These fun little pumpkins were table center pieces.  They were so fun to make!  Inside is a roll of toilet paper, wrapped in fabric with sticks for stems.

Here is one of the lunch tables all set and ready for everyone to sit down.

Here is another one.

And this is each person's individual table spot.

I also made mini pumpkin pie slice sugar cookies.  These were a hit and turned out great!  (My hubby even helped out with these)

This was our napkin, silverware holders.  I love the leaf cutouts and the napkins!

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