Saturday, September 1, 2018

Card Swapping Fun!

Swapping can be so much fun!  You get great ideas and fun cards to share!  I recently participated in a swap.  We created 8 themed cards for 3 separate months.  Here are my stacks below... you should see my cards in here if you follow my blog regularly!

Animal Theme
(mine is the rhino!)

Nature Theme
(mine is the leaf card!)

Birthday Theme
(mine is the Wish-heat embossing!)

Who out there is interested in doing a swap?! 
The holiday catalog starts today!  Start ordering and let's get a swap going!  Holiday themed cards!
Comment or email me to sign up for this swap group by September 10th.
Holiday themed, Stampin' Up products, I will give you the number of cards to make by the 10th as well. 

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