Saturday, July 14, 2018

Blueberry String Art

Remember my string art post from a week or so ago? It was a swap I had created.  You can view it by clicking HERE
I giggled that day because my upline created the same kind of card for our swap using string art.  I used multi-colored and she used one color.  Lot of love on my blog and facebook page that day... so there will be a class coming on String Art.

This card follows the same technique steps.

String Technique: 
You need: Bakers Twine & ink refill(s), gloves and a place to drip your inks (I used a paper plate)
Put a few drops of your ink refill (desired color/colors) on the paper plate... leave space in between if you're using multiple colors.
Cut a piece of bakers twine. 
Put your glove on the hand that will be inking up the twine.  Use your gloved hand to press the end of the twine into the ink, covering about half to 2/3 of the string in ink. 
Take 2 card fronts: place one inside of a book you don't care about, lay the string in a design of your choice on the cardstock (leave a tail so you can pull), lay the other piece of cardstock on top, close the book, push down with one hand and pull the string with the other.  
Go again!  You don't have to add more ink to the string each time.  I found I could do it about 2-3 times depending on how bold or light I wanted my image. 

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