Wednesday, April 11, 2018

On Stage April Event

Saturday I attended one of Stampin' Up's fabulous events!  This was the April OnStage Local event in Milwaukee, WI. 

This year Stampin' Up is celebrating their 30th year!  Can you believe they have been around for that long?  Even better... I have been a part of this company for 12 1/2 years!

This pic shows some of our swag from our group and Stampin' Up.  We love to support each other and give little gifties!

I always love the look of our table when we walk into a Stampin' Up event.  We got this cute notebook to take notes in and a beautiful schedule of the day.

 We were so lucky to have a big group of team members attend! We have a great and supportive group!  This is what you would have to look forward to if you joined our group!

Last but certainly not least... here's my traditional pic of me and Mom/upline.  Normally I take a selfie, but my Aunt took this pic of us with the Birthday flowers I had picked up for my Mom.  Spending my time at these events with my Mom is one of the best parts of my Stampin' Up part of life :) 
I even got to cheer her on when she presented to this group of 1,000+ fabulous Stampin' Up Demonstrators!

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