Monday, March 5, 2018

Stampin' Sister's Retreat!

Each year my Mom & Aunt host their Stampin' Sisters Retreat!  It's a whole weekend of stamping and projects and lots of fun ladies!

Here's me and my Momma :) . It's tradition to take a Stampin' Selfie together.

When we came in, this adorable picnic basket was in our spot.  The tag on the picnic basket helped us find our seat.

This sign was greeting us outside the door each day.

When I got home today, I spread everything out to see what I came home with.  So many great projects! (9 of them- c0me back later this week to see some of them).  

Sometimes interesting things happen at retreat... we were reminiscing when we saw this big box.  My grandpa used to take us for rides in large boxes behind his 4 wheeler.  Even as adults, we still enjoy it!  So Mom climbed into the box :)

And of course, they had some sort of fun costume cooked up to share with us to kick off our event!

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