Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fall Fest: Take Home Project

The final Fall Fest Project is the Take Home Project.  We always include one additional project for our fabulous guests to take home with them!  This one was pretty quick and easy and required no stamping.

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Here's the image of the 9 total cards in the take home project.  We took half of the card kit and some cardstock and voila!

The first card uses the snowflake background and Merry & Brights cards.  
These are 3″ x 4″ cards cut down.

This is one of the best folds!  You're seeing a lot of this one right now.  Again, we are trimming the cards to fit this card.

This one is pretty basic.  Simple card to make!

Another simple 2 layer card.  We love layers!

Here's another one of those fun folds!  Again, cutting things down to fit our needs.

This card is so stunning!  Not our traditional Christmas colors.

This one is another nice and simple card.

Super simple!

Just like the previous card... super simple!

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