Monday, April 10, 2017

More OnStage2017

One more post about OnStage. 

I received a few cards to help me celebrate some milestones.  I had to share them!  They're just so cute!  Both of these were made by Tina, my up-upline and Aunt :) 

I love the top card and the polka dots with different shades of Stampin' Up blues ;) 

I really love the bottom card.  I love silver AND I just promoted to SILVER, so this card was perfect!!  This one was a really fun way to celebrate and made me feel special.  

This is a great reason why you should send the cards you make!  You can totally make someone's day!

Girls just wanna have fun!  This was our whole crew!  We had 17 total from our group of Stampin' Bees and Stampin' Express.  It was a lot of fun with a lot of ladies!

A little more fun.  Sandi was taking a selfie and one person quick jumped in... then another... then another... and well, you get it.  We just love to have fun!

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