Sunday, March 5, 2017

Stampin' Sister's Retreat 2017!

This weekend has been awesome!  It's the Stampin' Sister's Retreat weekend!  This is put on by Peggy Murwin & Tina Rappe... they're sisters (and incidentally, they are my Mom and Aunt).  This is my 3rd year attending.  This year's theme is a Carnival theme!  And this year there are 80 of us.

We started up our fun Friday night with one project and lots of visiting.  Saturday we started at 8:30am and went until about 11:30pm.  LOTS of stamping!  And worth every second!

Outside the banquet room the first day was this awesome sign ;)   I was so excited I actually didn't' notice it on the way in... I saw it afterward on the way out.  Ha!

When we walked in, we got to see the amazing decor and theme and find our assigned table.  This was the set up of our tables this year.  The bag was full of all of our projects for the weekend and some different kinds of adhesive.  We were all very excited about our new Stampin' Sister's t-shirts!  There's a picture coming up later this week with many of us wearing them.   We also had other fun things on our table like popcorn and circus animal crackers.

Here's the tag up close.  Just so you can enjoy the fun!

Of the 80 people here, I think about 20 of us are demonstrators under these 2 fabulous ladies.  We got special recognition and received a gift complete with tag in matching decor.

Last but not least today, I always try to take a pic with Mom.  We decided this morning that we needed a pic with all of us and our new shirts.  I helped out behind the scenes with retreat this year which was both fun and a tiny bit stressful, but mostly fun.

Keep an eye out tomorrow for more fun decorations and gifts and eventually projects!

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