Sunday, November 6, 2016

On Stage November 2016

I started to title this OnStage 2016, but I attended OnStage in Salt Lake City in April... this was an OnStsage local even in Madison.  It was a blast!  I can't share most of what I learned/did YET.  So for now I'll share what I can about the day :) 

This was a gift from my upline, Peggy Murwin.  Keep an eye out for this one.  It will most likely be part of my Santa's Workshop or an upcoming video. Cellobags make great gift or stocking stuffer items!  This one was full of treats :)

This was also from my upline and also could reappear in the coming months.  His one is hand sanitizer.

This was my name tag and one of my personal favorite parts of the day.  This is the first time in a long time where I have had "extra" bling.  I earned a recruiting ribbon thanks to my downline Chrissy Stephens!  Thanks Chrissy for being an awesome downline!

If you'd like to learn more about becoming a Stampin' Up demonstrator, contact me today!  I'm not just saying it because I am a demo... I love this company!  They make amazing, quality products that coordinate easily and they really help take out all of the guess work.  A fantastic company to work with and for.  This is my 11th year as a demonstrator.  I have had my ups and downs but overall I have susstained well over the years and I hope I never find myself in a situation where I would have to step down.  I LOVE this hobbyjob.  I'm not just a hobbyist.  I love to share this and would LOVE to share it with you!  Contact me today!

My 2nd upline and Aunt, Tina Rappe, celebrated her birthday today AND presented during the business portion of the day.  She shared some great tips with everyone and had a great time up on stage!

To finish off my post today.  Here's my traditional selfie with my mom/upline.  She is my Stampin' Mom and my Mom Mom.  I love being able to attend events with her and share our love of Stamping :)

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