Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wonderfully Wasted: Paper Plate Gift Basket

It's another wonderfully wasted Washi tape Wednesday.  Today's idea is this cute paper plate basket. I got the paper plate idea from Pinterest.  I can't find the link again however, but I am attaching a screenshot of how to make your paper plate.

Basically, I made my plate using the template below.  I didn't have a plain white plate as shown below, but I did have a paper plate and it worked just as well.  Rather than ribbon or tape, I stapled the sides together and used my Washi tape to decorate the outside.  

I even created my own Washi tape bow by folding a piece of the tape together to look like a bow and added an extra piece around the middle of my "bow"  to make it look more like a bow.  

To finish it off, I added a little piece of paper pumpkin tissue paper to help tie it together and help it match.

This is just another view where you can see the tissue paper.  I did not put a treat in yet, but I'm sure I will soon :) 

Here was the template from Pinterest.

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