Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wonderfully Wasted: Tea Lights!

I have to share that I am running low on Washi tape samples/ideas.  So this segment may be ending soon.  I'll come up with another fabulous Wednesday feature when the time comes :) 

Here's today's wonderfully wasted Washi tape: Tea Lights!

I would think that you could do this with traditional tea lights as well and I know I saw it on glass tea light holders as well, but I went with what I had on hand.  I had some retired Halloween Washi tape and some black battery operated tea lights from the Dollar Tree (2/$1 yes please!). They actually work pretty well, so it was worth the wasting here.

It was very simple to make happen.  I tore off a large piece of Washi.  No, I did not measure.  I eyeballed it and if I had too much, oh well, I'm wasting it away anyhow.  I tried two different designs.  Can you imagine how cute this would be on a white battery operated candle inside of a glass holder with the new Affectionately Yours Washi Tape.  Too cute!  Time to play!

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