Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wonderfully Wasted: gift card holder

It's another Wonderfully Wasted Wednesday!  Today I am showing how to waste Washi tape to make a fun gift card holder.   LOVE THIS!  This was an idea from either Shelli or Sara at OnStage2016.  I honestly can't remember anymore but I know that I LOVED it!  So cute and really pretty quick. 

Start with a Kraft Tag a Bag Gift Bag and some Washi tape.  Fold the bottom up toward the top, far enough to hold a gift card and use your Washi tape to stick it together.  Best part, you can stick the Washi right to your table as you stick it together to get the perfect "tape job".  It will peel right off to allow you to stick the opposite side.  Then decorate as you wish and you can add your message or sentiment on a smaller size card that slides right into the actual opening at the top.  So cute!  And uses up that Washi tape especially when you are in a pinch!

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