Saturday, April 16, 2016

On Stage Day 2

Yesterday was the absolute BEST day of OnStage!  They began our morning session by awarding the Heart of Stampin' Up Award.  This is an award given to a demonstrator who embodies the Statement of the Heart.

They always tell heartfelt stories or share the nominations that were sent in.  ONE demonstrator is selected out of all the nominations for this fabulous award.  This year's recipient was none other than my MOM and Upline, Peggy Murwin!!!

I have nominated her before because well, she is amazing and she really does live and breathe the statement of the heart.  I wanted her to be recognized for ALL of her accomplishments.  I wrote in and nominated her and then reached out to her down line and told them about the award and how to nominate someone and asked them to think about it.  Well, they agreed with me that this statement= Peggy Murwin and Stampin' Up.  So they joined in.  I'm not sure how many people nominated her, but I am so glad they did!

It was the BEST!  As I heard Shelli read the letters I thought hmmm that could be my mom.  The more she read, the more I thought yep, that's gotta be her.  And sure enough.  When Shelli announced the name, it was my Peggy Murwin!  My aunt and I SCREAMED!!!  Then we all cried.  Then we realized it was actually happening so we quick got our phones out and snapped pics and hollered and cheered and hugged!  It was pretty amazing!

This was a great moment.  I am so proud of her and was so privilieged to not only be a part of nominating her but being there as she received it.  It was overwhelming.  I realized as I sat down to make this post, It felt like a little bit of payback for all of the plays and performances and cheerleading she sat through for me.  I was there last year when she got Founders Circle and I was there this year as she got the Heart of Stampin' Up award AND I played a roll in this fabulous opportunity!

We also got to stamp today and view the new products and suites.  I can't show any but...

Happy Stamping!  Just wait until you see this catalog in JUNE!!!!  We are going to have so much fun!

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