Monday, November 16, 2015

OnStage Gifties

It's often a tradition at events to make a little gift for your team members.  These were gifted to me.  I did not have time to make any gifties for my upline.  We had a total of 18 people from our group at the event which was pretty awesome!

This one came from my direct upline, (and mom) Peggy Murwin.  Isnt it adorable!  I love the rhinestones on there... very fancy :)  And It was perfect for taking notes in.  It's now my note book for goal setting and keeping track of new ideas!

Check this out, she even added a little DSP to the inside ;)

This gift came from my 2nd upline (and aunt), Tina Rappe.  Inside was a cute little pack of tic tacs.  Love this chunkier ribbon and look at those cute foil doilies!  

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