Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Holiday Catalog Time!!!

It's TIME!!!  Stampin' Up!'s annual Holiday catalog begins TODAY!  Happy September!
I don't know about you but Fall/Winter and the Holidays that come with it are just my FAVORITE!  This is always my favorite time in Stampin' Up world as well! 

I know that I am looking forward to so many products from this catalog!  The first one I am getting my hands on is the Witching Decor on pg 7.  It's super affordable!  $22 for the kit.  You can add the stamp set for another $26 or use what you have or keep it stamp-less.  OR come to my Wines and Witches class!  Check my events page for more details on that!  

I also love many of the additional kits in this catalog and even better... the Bundles!  Stampin' Up wants you to save!  So let's do it!  Let's Bundle and Save!

There are a million and one wants on my wish list from this book.  I want it all!  You will too!  So book a  party, buy some product or host a private class!  We can wine and witch at your place too :)  I'll figure out the fee and do the ordering, your friends sign up and come and we drink some wine and make some witches hats ;)   Don't like Halloween... no worries.  There are so many cute Thanksgiving and Winter/Christmas items!  You can't go wrong!  An affordable, cute class is right around the corner!!!!

Happy Holidays and Happy Stamping!

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