Monday, September 28, 2015

Girls Weekend Part 3 (The Final Day)

Well, girls weekend did not go for me as planned project wise, but I had a blast!  I love getting together with these ladies.  And it's nice to have a break from "life".  

This has been my view for the weekend.  Plus some wonderful friends, but they've already packed up and headed out.  A few of us just can't stop so we're still working :)  The family who owns this house has decorated it an incredible amount!  It's been just amazing to see. 

This pic is when I got my creative mojo back!  I helped finish up my project for the other ladies and found some people deviated and left pieces behind.  So I decided they needed to be used!  I'll share some better pics later but I didn't want to spoil class ideas ahead of time ;)

I used leftovers on the 2 Halloween cards plus I added a few things.
I used leftovers on the christmas ones and created a GREAT Christmas card gift idea!
Plus I was able to finish up this post it note holder.  Love all the snowflake stuff this year in the catalog so I just couldn't resist. 

These 5 projects took me 1 hour.  (Well, I had already created and prepped the rest of the pieces from my project, so it was thinking, reinventing took 1 hour.)  Pretty sweet :) 

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