Sunday, September 27, 2015

Girls Weekend Part 2!

I had a few moments this afternoon where none of my projects went my way.  So I took a break.  I walked out on the patio and followed a short trail down to the beach and sat on a bench.  This was my view.  The wind was blowing a nice calm breeze and I was able to regain my creativity before jumping back into the swing of things in the house.

This was the view to my walk :)  I love the yard/view area in this house.  It's a great little getaway.

We've had quite a variety of projects going on.  Some are sewing, some are knitting or crocheting and some are stamping.  We are quite the creative bunch :) 

Ho Ho Holy Cow that's a lot of tags!  
It sure is... these are a close up view of my stack of tags from our new Oh What Fun Tag Project kit.
And let me tell you... they are fun!  My favorite part on these is the jingle bells!  And the glitter of course.
Everything comes cut and ready to assemble!  And for $21 you get to make 30 tags! 70 cents each.

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