Saturday, September 26, 2015

Girls Weekend Part 1!

Spending the weekend with 10 lovely ladies crafting and creating.  

If you saw a sneak peak of my project yesterday, so far no one is complaining... but only one person has been working on my project.  So far it seems to be much more difficult than I anticipated.  But they like it... fingers crossed!  I'll post more of those as the weekend goes on.

This first pic is a pic of our "family room".  Love it! Check out all the decor on the walls!  Pretty fun. My favorite part... the TREE!  And I am the one who turned it on.  Traditionally, this weekend I work on holiday items (stamping, gift ideas, etc...) so I blast my Christmas music and work away.  So this tree turned on as soon as I unpacked!  LOVE IT!

The pic below is my work station.  Pretty clean right now.  Even though I have finished 6 shoebox swaps!  What fun!  And of course we had to have a dessert break.  Woohoo!  We are at 11pm and going strong!  

Last but not least is a preview of my stack of shoebox so far!  I'll post individual pics later in the weekend/week but thought I'd share my fun so far :)

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